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  Important Notice:
- We would like to point - to purchase CEC devices only at authorized CEC Dealers.
- CEC produce always two different - product lines. One is only for the domestic market in Japan and one line is for export market.
- Both product lines contain some differences - in which the Export Line includes the higher value components.
- At the moment we find some Japanese Online Dealer - which offer CEC domestic market (Japan Line) devices as export market devices (EU Line).
- Furthermore all domestic market devices do not have the EC certification and do not get any warranty.
Stereophile's Products of 2017
Joint Analog Components of the Year
Audio Union Helix One by Mark Döhmann
Sound+Image Awards 2017
The Sound+Image Awards 2018
Audio Union Helix 2 by Mark Döhmann
Sound+Image Awards 2018
The Sound+Image Awards 2018 Grace Hotel, Sydney The annual Sound+Image Awards dinner has been an essential event in the calendar of the audio-visual industry for more than 25 years.
Held every year since 1989, the prestigious Sound+Image Awards recognise excellence in the design, manufacture and installation of audio, home entertainment and incar equipment.
This year's winners, the 2018 Sound+Image Awards, were announced on November 30th at a gala Presentation Dinner held at the Grace Hotel in Sydney. The full list of winners is now live (click 'This Year's Awards', and all the winners will be celebrated in a special edition of Sound+Image magazine. Our Platinum Partners for the awards evening are The Chester Group, organisers of the Australian Hi-Fi & AV Show.

The Sound+Image Awards cover the key areas of home entertainment:
TVs and displays; sources (CD and Blu-ray players, PVRs and digital sources); amplifiers and receivers; loudspeakers, wireless speakers and multiroom systems; custom installation projects and products.
Grace Hotel, Sydney New awards are regularly introduced to reflect the changing world of home entertainment. Recent additions include additional awards for soundbars and noise-cancelling headphones, wireless streaming systems, and multiroom audio.
Special Awards are presented for Lifetime Achievement recognition.
Products are evaluated on the basis of the following criteria:
sound and/or image quality; value for money; features; build quality; appearance; ease of use and ergonomics.
The Sound+Image Awards 2017
Audio Union Helix One by Mark Döhmann
Sound+Image Awards 2017
Gold Show Award High End Munich Best Sound
Audio Union’s Döhmann Helix 1 turntable and Schröder CB tonearm. BY MICHAEL FREMER
High Fidelity -Review CEC DA0 3.0 and CEC TL0 3.
Audio Union has a new member! Audio Union the manufacturer of The Doehman Helix 1 turntable and The Schroeder Carbon fiber CB tonearm is proud to announce the addition of a new member to the family. Through an exclusive agreement with CEC International for the distribution of its flagship dual belt drive transports and partnering DAC products in North America, Audio Union will offer the Reference TL0 3.0 and DA0 3.0 combo, significantly raising the standard of Red Book CD replay. Experience your CD’s as you never heard them before. The official launch of the products will take place at the RMAF held in Denver this October.

The DA0 3.0 features the latest in multi-bit conversion with selectable/defeat-able oversampling and digital filtering integrated with CEC proprietary “Super link” interface between the CD transport and DAC. The TL0 3.0 features a suspended transport mechanism and a proprietary dual belt drive system removing all motor noise and vibrations from the optical re-play system.

Dealer enquiries welcome.
A Note from Audio Union Rumen ArtarskiAudio Union is an organization of respected engineers, research scientists and international manufacturers dedicated to restoring the true meaning of “High Fidelity”. The hallmark of our products is not only the timeless beauty of the exterior and the application of revolutionary engineering concepts; it is also the desire to construct products that express music perfectly.

The Audio Union core team has experience in scientific research, theoretical and applied engineering, and most importantly, musical performance. The project team members are selected for multiple cross-functional abiltities, including their core competencies. Gifted individuals who understand collaboration, not compromise, is the key to successful implementation.

The leadership of Audio Union focuses on driving the team to strive for perfection, by increasing efficiency and reducing repetition of errors. Creating this nurturing environment for research and development spanning four continents is a major undertaking for any company and we consider this achievement is paramount to our success!

The project teams focus their precious efforts on every component, experimenting and applying diverse spectrums of knowledge, to determine the finest technical solutions to each discrete problem. Our organizational work flow provides an environment, driven by the communication of knowledge and techniques to provide the right framework to enrich the entire team’s capabilities. These skills are applied to existing and future products.

Audio Union is the creative brain trust of internationally recognized subject matter experts; Rumen Artarski (BG), Bo Christensen (DK), Mark Döhmann (AU), Lee Gray (AU), David Kleinbeck (US), Thomas Kleinbeck (US), Dr. David Platus (US), Frank Schröder (DE), Stanislav Stoyanov (BG) and Dr. Plamen Ivanov Valtchev (BG).

Audio Union Logo Audio Union continues to innovate and launch class leading products to support our vision for excellence in engineering and musical performance. All innovations are based on reproducible engineering principles, not marketing hype. Music is one of the greatest expressions of the human soul, we intend for each product to be capable of faithfully delivering the essence of every performance.

Rumen Artarski
Executive Director of Engineering and Marketing
Audio Union
2405 NE Cross Creek Ln | Lee’s Summit, MO 64086 | USA | Telephone: +1 816-875-6519 | E-mail: Info@audio-union.com