Music reproduction on its highest level "From the mechanics to the smallest detail for the noise immunity of the well-constructed massive TL0 3.0 from CEC, all provides for the foundations of an extraordinarily, monumental, natural musical experience - to pack more into this product is unimaginable." (Hifi Stars - 2015)

"I have mostly concentrated on the tone color that we are able to get with the TL0 3.0. The reason is that it seems its most important as - set, in which it approaches the best turntab - les. With them, the CEC TL0 3.0 could show something even better." (Positive Feedback - 2015)

In every respect the new CEC TL0 3. 0 CD Transport embodies a level of perfection that is unprecedented and breathtaking. Handcrafted and assembled in Japan, each TL0 3.0 is rigorously tested after completion and then "burned in" before being certified.

CEC is legendary for precision. Conventional CD transports tend to amplify even the slightest vibration in the reflective surface of the disc due to the distance the laser beam has to travel. These micro vibrations scatter light and reduce the integrity of the digital data stream. The TL0 3.0's revolutionary three part chassis suppresses micro-vibrations and resonances that cause unwanted jitter in the data stream.

The elimination of jitter greatly reduces the distortion that too often characterizes CDs as digital rather than musical. CEC has achieved superior isolation of the TL0 3.0 drive mechanism by using three spiked feet and a rubber damped three-point suspension.

CEC has achieved superior isolation of the TL0 3.0 drive mechanism by using three spikes rubber damped suspension. The drive mechanism is a massive 30 mm sandwich of nonmagnetic materials with dissimilar resonances: a 20 mm aluminum plate and a 10 mm brass plate. To assure undisturbed operation of the laser pickup, all sources of electro-magnetic interference are physically isolated. The massive regulated power supply is housed in a separate chassis that may be located up to 1.5 meters from the TL0 3.0 drive mechanism chassis.

The drive electronics are enclosed in a 20 mm thick nonmagnetic anodized aluminum chassis isolated from the main drive mechanism. The drive and laser motors are electronically, magnetically, and mechanically isolated from the laser pickup and turntable, decoupled by two precision drive belts. The disc drive motor is a cog-free low torque design that is inherently free of vibrations.

Much like analogue turntables, inertia is applied to the disc by the use of a 460 g. stabilizer, of 125 mm diameter, supported by an ultra precision spindle/thrust bearing assembly. This avoids the need of permanent electronic servo-corrections required by all other CD transports, and ads vertical stability to the disc.

100% made in Japan - craftsmanship, handride, craftsmanship, and music reproduction on compact disc have reached a new plateau with the CEC TL0 3.0.

CEC's flagship model TL0 X refined 2014 as TL0 3.0.
Major points of improvement are as follows:
  • The servo PCB circuit has been redesigned to shorten the signal pass and strengthen the grounding. This will minimize the deterioration and the distortion of the digital signal recorded on the CD.
  • Word-clock input has been newly installed. Having the same outer clock as the D/A converter, jitter will be remarkably minimized to improve sound reproduction.
  • The height of CD stabilizer (puck) has been decreased by 5 mm to stabilize the rotation of the disc.
  • CEC's original Superlink connection has been fitted for the first time in the TL0 series. When connected to the D/A converter equipped with Superlink inputs, the shortest and most direct digital signal transportation is available without passing through encoding and decoding procedure. The left/right-clock data, bit-clock data and digital audio music data are all transmitted from the CD-transport to the DAC while the master-clock is generated inside the DAC and sent to the CD-transport.
  • The external appearance has been upgraded for the first time since it's original release in 1993. The visible fixing screws and housing have been minimized at each edge of the housing components.

  • CEC TL0 3.0 Specifications Drive System Double Belt Drive // Spindle & Pick-up Playable Discs Audio CDs & Finalized CD-R/RWs Power Supply AC 100-240V / 50-60Hz Suspension D.R.T.S. (Double Rubbers and Triple Springs) with Three Tiptoes legss CD Stabilizer Brass (ø125mm, weight:460g - Brass Nickel Plating) Main Mechanism Chassis Hexagon shaped aluminum in 20 mm thick and brass in 10 mm thick: combination of two different metallic materialsing) Operation Housing Aluminum in 20 mm thick Digital Input Word Clock BNC x1: 44,1kHz Digital Output Super Link x 1 (BNC x 4) 2.5Vp-p/75Ω TOS x1: -21 ~ -15dBm EIAJ COAXIAL(SPDIF) x1: 0.5Vp-p/75Ω AES/EBU(Balanced XLR) x1: 2.5Vp p/110Ω Dimensions 300(W) × 317(D) × 158(H) mm Power supply 125(W) × 250(D) × 103(H) mm Weight Unit 16 kg // Power supply 4 kg Color Silver
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