Audio Union is operated by Tom Kleinbeck and is based in Springfield, Missouri, USA. Viewing show room by appointment only.

Audio Union provides direct sales and service for CEC products in the United States and Canada. Contact for current pricing.

Kleinbeck Engineering designs products for the audio / visual market and provides acoustic engineering services. Kleinbeck cabling is distributed direct and through select dealers, contact for more information.

Furutech products available, some stock available.

Serviced items are tested in the office system before shipping. New products are tested in this system.

The office system, picture above.
CEC DA5, audiophile dac
CEC TL5, cd transport
Thrax Audio Ares integrated solid state amplifier
Kleinbeck Engineering Type 1, Ag (Silver) RCA Cables
Kleinbeck Engineering Type 1, Ag (Silver) XLR Cables
Kleinbeck Engineering Type 1, Ag (Silver) Speaker Cables
BW 604 speakers
Furutech e-TP80S Power Distributor/AC Power Filter with power switch +GC-303
Furutech GTX-DR Duplex Pure Copper Receptacle w/Rhodium Plating
Tidal streaming service
Custom PC music server running Media Center software
Black Out drapes with sound absorption characteristics
Foam Corner Bass traps
Fabric covered foam absorption panels