CEC TL 5 – Belt Drive CD Transport

„.. An understatement in pure culture. It‘s fair to say my sensitivity to music has had to be
honed over the years, and the sound quality I can hear in this CEC CD transport is, quite
simply, extremely impressive. I have to make that absolutely clear at this point. If the CEC
TL 5 drive is integrated in the reproducing chain, there is another detail that I very much
like. The lower pitches in the recordings are reproduced extremely accurately. The TL 5
also makes a very good impression when it has to do with deep dimension picture of larger sound bodies. Exemplary is the fine, soft drawing of the solo violin. On the other hand, the brute force of the orchestral tutti is felt all across the body. In a nutshell: In view of the very high playback quality, this solid device offers an outstanding price/performance ratio. Combined with an appropriate DA converter, a digital pre-amplifier and power amplifier, this opens up a highly interesting as well as recommendable entry opportunity in the upper quality regions of CD playback. An addition plus of CEC TL 5, is the belt-drive principle that is used. My opinion: As a buyer, you cannot do anything wrong!“ (Hifi Stars – Review | H. Obst)

Since CEC introduced world’s first Belt-Drive CD Transport in 1991, a lot of music lovers have enjoyed its rich musical sound, which CEC continues to improve on. A heavier stabilizer brings a more stable rotation of the disc and the Belt-Drive system eliminates the affects of vibration and electromagnetic noise caused by the motor rotation.

In order to read the signal recorded with Constant Linea Velocity (CLV) on CD, rotation speed should be slowed down as it goes to the outside. Usually the spindle motor controls the variation of speed. All CD players and transports place the spindle motor beneath the turntable for CD and the motor shaft works as the turntable center, this is called direct drive system. Stable and accurate rotation requires a bigger torque of motor itself, which inevitably creates certain vibration and the electromagnetic noise. In CEC TL 5 the spindle motor is placed independently from the center shaft and vibration as well as electromagnetic noise effect to the CD are thus minimized. A heavy CD stabilizer provides bigger inertia of turntable and achieves a stable and smooth rotation of discs. Smaller torque motor and longer distance from the motor to the center shaft (turntable) create the ideal fundamentals of music reproduction.

The new CEC TL 5 features multiple digital outputs: AES/EBU, COAXIAL and TOSLINK. The shortest possible signal pass and stability of signal quality have been maintained by direct mounting of all terminals to the single circuit board. Superior Fluorescent display can be dimmed and even disconnected.

By placing the turntable shaft in the center of the top loading open space the rubber belt replacement is now done with ease on the CEC TL 5.

The word about the musical cohesion, the rich detail and emotionally gripping „analogue-like“ sound got out very quickly. No other CD drive has sounded so analogue to this day. There has seldom been higher quality compact disc playback in this price class! With the belt-driven CEC TL 5 in the system, one can benefit from the advantages of this type of drive. The newest CD belt drive by CEC helps improve the tonal progression.

Test reports in international magazines as well as the testimony of our satisfied customers worldwide confirm that we have achieved our musical objective: music reproduction on its highest level.

CD Drive System Belt Drive
Playable Discs Audio CDs & finalized CD-R/RW
CD Stabilizer Ø 70 mm, weight: 330 g (brass)
Digital Output
• AES/EBU x 1: 2.5Vp-p/110Ω
• Coaxial x 1 0.5Vp-p/75Ω
• TOS x 1(optical): -21~-15dBm EIAJ
Consumption 17 W
Power Supply AC 230/120 V, 50/60 Hz
Dimensions 435 (B) x 335 (T) x 109 (H) mm
Weight approx. 9 kg (incl. CD stabilizer)
Color Silver or Black