RCA, XLR, Power, Speaker, or digital. Click for more information on Type 1 cables.

Kleinbeck Engineering cable, basics

Interconnect, speaker, and digital cables use air as the primary dielectric in a conductor in a tube suspension configuration (conductor assemblies). Each conductor is placed in a tube consisting of polyethylene tubing. The tubes are sealed at the ends to protect the conductors. In our cable design the capacitance of the cable is controlled by the tube size, and electrical break down voltage is determined by the polyethylene tube wall thickness. A cable consists of 2 or more “conductor assemblies” arranged in a topological configuration specifically designed to reduce mechanical resonance, and have high electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI) rejection properties.

Type 1 cables have shielding on the interconnects and power cords. Each shield system is specifically designed for the particular requirements. The shielding for the interconnects consists of each conductor assembly covered in an aluminum film shield. The assembled conductors are then shielded with a braided shield. The result is a balance from low to high frequencies and no artificially induced distortion to the audio signal.

Interconnection and speaker cables are available in copper or silver.

These cables are custom and can be finished in fabric or rubber.


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