• 20 AWG conductors, choice of copper or silver
  • Termination: Furutec RCA or XLR, FP-108 R-Bulk-High End Performance RCA Connector 9.3mm, FP-601 M (R) – High End Performance XLR connector(Male), FP-602 F(R) – High End Performance XLR connector(Female)
  • 2 layers of shielding, 1 film, 1 braided copper
  • Choice of rubber or fabric outer covering
  • Optional ground wire for phono applications


  • 6 strands of 20 awg solid wire
  • Separate cables for positive and negative connections
  • Termination: Furutech FP-201(R)- High Performance Spade-Terminal, solid copper with rhodium plating
  • Choice of rubber or fabric outer covering


Need a 10 meter USB, here is one
Copper 24awg, Isolated data and power conductors
Woven and film shield on each pair

Power Cord

  • 12 awg stranded copper conductors
  • Woven shielding
  • FI-15 (R) Plus IEC plug
  • FI-15 M (R) Plus Power plug
  • Furutech termination, US, optional SCHUKO, AU/NZ, and UK