CEC cd transport and dac

Audio Union is CEC distributor in United States, Canada, Mexico, Central America, South America, and surrounding islands. For sales to Mexico, South America, Central America, and surrounding islands use contact form. Dealer inquiries welcome.

Sales are Direct and through dealers. Dr Vinyl is premier dealer.

Orders can be customized, just ask!

Audio Union the CEC distributor of high performance cd player and transports, is pleased to announce the TL5 and the DA5 are in the Part Time Audiophile “The Best Digital Players | Buyers Guide Summer 2022” and both received the Reviewer’s Choice award. For more information see the News Page. CEC when only the best is good enough.

CEC award winning products include the CD5 CD player and TL5, TL2N, and TL0 3.0 CD transports. CEC’s player and transports use a patented rubber belt drive. This ground breaking belt drive isolates the spindle from vibration of the motor. It moves the motor away from the rotational axis of the CD. Moving the motor away from the rotational axis reduces the electromagnet noise from the motor. CEC has the world wide patent on these innovations. CEC products are available on the shopping page.

Prices have recently increased due to unfavorable changes in currency exchange rates.

Before you purchase new player or transport from ecommerce sites like eBay, Amazon, Yahoo Auction, or Rakuten read the news release from CEC Japan and Germany. All of the new CEC products on these ecommerce sites are fake, look a like, or counterfeit. It is not a great deal on a player or transport unless it is a genuine CEC.

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