In the world of audio engineering, it is crucial to have access to reliable and comprehensive solutions for various challenges. Whether you are looking for acoustic testing, shielding design, cable design services, or educational resources for DIY enthusiasts, our company is here to meet your needs. With a strong focus on providing informative and practical solutions, we aim to empower audiophiles, engineers, and DIYers alike. Read on to learn more about the range of services we offer.

Acoustic Testing

Accurate acoustic testing is essential for ensuring optimal performance in various applications. Our experienced team utilizes state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to conduct thorough acoustic testing. From noise reduction to sound quality analysis, we provide detailed reports and recommendations to help you achieve the desired acoustic outcomes.

Shielding Design

Shielding design plays a critical role in protecting sensitive electronic components from electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio interference (RFI). Our experts specialize in designing effective shielding solutions tailored to your specific requirements. By employing advanced simulation tools and industry best practices, we ensure that your devices and systems remain shielded from unwanted interference.

Cable Design

Cables are the lifelines of any electrical or electronic system. Our cable design services focus on optimizing performance, reliability, and efficiency. Whether you need custom cable assemblies, high-speed data cables, or specialized connectors, our team will work closely with you to design and deliver solutions that meet your exact specifications.

Education for the DIYer

We believe in sharing knowledge and empowering DIY enthusiasts to tackle engineering challenges with confidence. Our educational resources will cover a wide range of topics in the future, including basic cable design and fabrication. Advanced education cable topics in magnetic shielding design and fabrication will also be provided in the future.


When it comes to engineering solutions, our company offers a comprehensive range of services. From acoustic testing and shielding design to cable design and educational resources, we are committed to providing reliable and informative solutions. Whether you are an industry professional or a DIY enthusiast, we are here to support your engineering endeavors. Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist you in achieving your goals.

More Engineering Services information

Audio Union Engineering Services specializes in providing services for acoustic measurement, cable design, and shielding design for various products and structures. Our acoustic measurements employ calibrated microphones set at either 87dB or 115dB calibration. To ensure accuracy and consistency, we use a calibrated sound source to calibrate the measurement system. With over 40 years of experience in designing aerospace and military industry products, we bring extensive expertise to our work.

Kleinbeck Engineering offers a wide array of expertise encompassing knowledge, design, production, quality control, and testing in various fields. This includes normal and emergency environmental life support systems across all altitudes, incorporating gas/liquid filtration with and without coalescence, air cycle HVAC systems, solid-state and interstitial gas storage systems, chlorate candles, mobile power generation, emergency power systems, and Uninterrupted Power Systems (UPS), inclusive of energy storage systems with multi-fuel engines/turbines and high-energy electromagnetic impulse equipment survival. Additionally, our expertise extends to precious metal processing and refining, composite materials (both in manufacturing and utilization), acoustic, electrical, and mechanical noise abatement/isolation, neutron photography utilizing low-energy neutrons, grounding and shielding systems for ultra-low noise requirements, engineering software, data stream collection, data stream analysis, and controls of mechanical and electrical systems, including gas-powered systems without electrical support. We also specialize in Tactically Quiet Generator systems. The impact of our past work directly influences the lives of millions of people daily.

Our production equipment includes, but is not limited to, CAD/CAM/CAE software, CNC mills, CNC diode lasers for cutting and engraving, and 3D DFM printers.

Furthermore, our test equipment comprises a range of tools, including but not limited to a USB digital storage oscilloscope (DSO) with a programmable signal generator, Earthworks M23 instrumentation microphone with a calibration sound source, USB audio mixer, IR thermometer, and temperature probes.

Office audio system

The office system, picture above.
CEC DA5, Audiophile DAC
CEC TL5 and/or TL2N, cd transport
Parasound HCA2200 or Thrax Audio Ares integrated solid state amplifier
Kleinbeck Engineering Ag (Silver) RCA Cables
Kleinbeck Engineering Ag (Silver) XLR Cables
Kleinbeck Engineering Ag (Silver) Speaker Cables
BW 604 speakers
Furutech e-TP80S Power Distributor/AC Power Filter with power switch +GC-303
Furutech GTX-DR Duplex Pure Copper Receptacle w/Rhodium Plating
Qobuz streaming service
Custom PC music server running Media Center software
Stillpoint Aperture Panels
Fabric covered foam sound absorption panels`
Fabric covered fiberglass sound absorption panels

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