The question of how to build top performance shielded cables is common and the answers provided here produce great results. See cable assembly videos for more information.

Link to Furutech technology page where there is information on the technologies of Furutech products.

RCA Interconnect with balanced cable build instructions

XLR balanced cable build instructions

Power cord termination with spades build instructions

DPS-4.1 Power cord build instructions

DSS-4.1 Speaker cable build instructions

GTX D NCF installation guide

GTX-D NCF Product of the year by The Absolute Sound

GTX D NCF video

DeMaga II-LP

Destat III

NCF Booster

NCF Booster english

NCF extension

NCF Booster demonstration

NCF Booster setup guide

NCF Booster, attaching the rubber bands

NCF Booster signal amplifier example

NCF Wall receptacle example

NCF Booster signal/English

NCF Booster single brace

NCF Booster brace

Shaft bar adjuster

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