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  • 20 AWG Copper conductors
  • Sealed air tube suspension of conductors
  • Termination: Furutec RCA or XLR, FP-108 R-Bulk-High End Performance RCA Connector 9.3mm, FP-601 M (R) – High End Performance XLR connector(Male), FP-602 F(R) – High End Performance XLR connector(Female)
  • 2 layers of shielding, 1 aluminum film, 1 braided copper
  • Choice of neoprene rubber or fabric outer covering
  • Optional ground wire for phono applications, $75
  • Magnetic shielding option $825/meter, minimum order 6 meters total

MetersRCA, CopperXLR, Copper
Pricing in USD
Shipping is not included. Quotes for other lengths are available.


  • 6 strands of 20 awg copper conductors
  • Sealed air tube suspension of conductors
  • Separate cables for positive and negative connections
  • Termination: Furutech FP-201(R)- High Performance Spade-Terminal, solid copper with rhodium plating
  • Choice of neoprene rubber or fabric outer covering
  • Bi – Wire per end, Copper $820

Power Cord

  • 12 awg stranded copper conductors
  • Woven copper shielding
  • FI-15 (G) Plus IEC plug
  • FI-15 M (G) Plus Power plug
  • Furutech termination, US, optional SCHUKO, AU/NZ, and UK
  • $125 for each additional foot over 10 feet
  • Type 2 magnetic shield option, minimum order 20 feet total
FeetCopper Type 1 shield

Prices subject to change without notice. 25% restocking fee may apply in full or part.

Kleinbeck Engineering designs products for the audio / visual market and provides acoustic engineering and testing services. Kleinbeck cabling is distributed through select dealers, contact for more information. With 40+ years of experience in electrical and mechanical noise abatement in the aerospace and military industries. Our conductor knowledge and shielding knowledge is found in the our cable designs. Kleinbeck cables are one of leading low noise cables on the market today. With ultra low noise, high conductivity cables, music takes on a life of its own and has a breath taking musicality.

Type 1 cables are basic cables designed for great performance at a reasonable price point. Type 1 cables have shielding on the interconnects and power cords. Each shield system is specifically designed for the particular requirements. Type 1 cables are not magnetically shielded.

Kleinbeck Engineering Type 1 power cords are specifically designed for audio systems. The power cord may be the most important cable in an audio system. A properly designed high quality power cord with a simple but highly effective shielding design will have a positive effect on a electronic system. The shielding for power cords is a woven tin plated copper sleeve with an outer covering of neoprene. A fabric outer cover is available at an additional cost.

Kleinbeck Engineering interconnect, speaker, and some digital cables use air as the primary dielectric in gas tube suspended conductor configuration (conductor assemblies). Each conductor is placed in a tube consisting of hospital grade polyethylene tubing. The tubes are sealed at the ends to protect the conductors. In our cable design the capacitance of the cable is controlled by the tube size, and electrical break down voltage is determined by the polyethylene tube wall thickness. A cable consists of 2 or more “conductor assemblies” arranged in a topological configuration specifically designed to reduce mechanical resonance, and have high electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI) rejection properties accomplished by twisting the conductor around each other.

Type 2 cables have woven Type 1 outer shield replaced with woven conductive magnetic shielding, which is highly effective in the lower frequency ranges, yielding a cable design with full spectrum shielding for EMI and RFI.

Interconnection and speaker cables are available in copper. I get many questions regarding copper and cable design in cables systems, this link handles most of them. https://sciencing.com/copper-vs-silver-wire-conductivity-5863373.html Belden has a very educational web site for learning more about cabling also. The conductors Kleinbeck Engineering uses are high purity, single crystal, highly conductive copper.

These cables are custom and can be finished in woven (not braided) fabric or neoprene rubber. Both of these finishes are used to reduce cable susceptibility to vibrations. The fabric finish is superior in reducing cable vibrations. Other finished available.

For more information of shielding and copper follow this link.

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