DA5 and TL5 PTA Special

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PTA Special TL5 and DA5 Combo
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Remote upgrade
Aluminum remote upgrade
Stabilizer upgrade
TL2N Stabilizer upgrade
CEC - RU219 remote control - Audio Union
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When you purchase the DA5 and the TL5 as a package get the TL2N Stabilizer upgrade and the Aluminum remote upgrade for free to celebrate the Part Time Audiophile “Reviewer’s Choice Award”. This offer is available in Canada, Mexico, Central, and South America only. Additional shipping charges for Central and South America.

The CEC DA5 DAC and matching TL-5 transport represent my new favorite thing in the world of high-end audio—a product that makes you rethink how you want to proceed in this hobby. Marc Phillips Part Time Audiophile 6/11/2022

The Best Digital Players | Buyers Guide Summer 2022

The Part Time Audiophile Summer 2022 Buyers Guide has the DA5 & TL5 listed.

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