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CEC TL5 CD transport, choice of Black or Silver

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The TL5 with the upgrade TL2N stabilizer is only available at Audio Union. The Larger TL2N stabilizer enhances the performance of the TL5 raising the performance level to new heights and is preferred by many audiophiles.
Music lovers have enjoyed the rich musical sound of world’s first Belt-Drive CD Transport since 1991. CEC has been one of the leading suppliers of turntables and CD players in the consumer field with major brand OEM customers including rundig, Marantz, Teac, Sony, Sanyo, Toshiba, Mitsubishi, Alpine, Kenwood, and Sharp since 1954. The expertise gained in turntables and CD players lead to the development of Belt-Drive system.  A high rotational stability is a achieved with a heavy stabilizer and the Belt-Drive system eliminates the effects of mechanical vibration. The Belt-Drive system allows the drive motor to be moved away from the spindle and the associated electronics reducing the effects of electromagnetic motor noise caused by the motor rotation.
In order to read the signal recorded with Constant Linear Velocity (CLV) on CD, rotation speed should be slowed down as it goes to the outside. Usually the spindle motor controls the variation of speed. All CD players and transports place the spindle motor beneath the turntable for CD and the motor shaft works as the turntable center, this is called direct drive system. Stable and accurate rotation requires a bigger torque of motor itself, which inevitably creates certain vibration and the electromagnetic noise. In CEC TL 5 the spindle motor is placed independently from the center shaft and vibration as well as electromagnetic noise effect to the CD are thus minimized. A heavy CD stabilizer provides bigger inertia of turntable and achieves a stable and smooth rotation of discs. Smaller torque motor and longer distance from the motor to the center shaft (turntable) create the ideal fundamentals of music reproduction.
The new CEC TL 5 features multiple digital outputs: AES/EBU, COAXIAL and TOSLINK. The shortest possible signal pass and stability of signal quality have been maintained by direct mounting of all terminals to the single circuit board. Superior Fluorescent display can be dimmed and even disconnected.
By placing the turntable shaft in the center of the top loading open space the rubber belt replacement is now done with ease on the CEC TL 5.
The word about the musical cohesion, the rich detail and emotionally gripping „analogue-like“ sound got out very quickly. No other CD drive has sounded so analogue to this day. There has seldom been higher quality compact disc playback in this price class!
With the belt-driven CEC TL 5 in the system, one can benefit from the advantages of this type of drive. The newest CD belt drive by CEC helps improve the tonal progression.
Test reports in international magazines as well as the testimony of our satisfied customers worldwide confirm that we have achieved our musical objective: music reproduction on its highest level.


The TL5 and the DA5 are in the Part Time Audiophile “The Best Digital Players | Buyers Guide Summer 2022” and received the Reviewer’s Choice award.

Marc Phillips, Part Time Audiophile 6/11/2022 wrote “The CEC DA5 DAC and matching TL-5 transport represent my new favorite thing in the world of high-end audio—a product that makes you rethink how you want to proceed in this hobby. …. Here’s a tip—people are still into playing CDs. And the CEC TL-5, mated to the CEC DAC5, took my CD collection to a whole new level of listenability. If I had the CEC combo in my home, I would stop worrying about what I’m going to do with all these CDs everywhere.”


“CEC’s TL5 transport is living, breathing proof that less really can be more. This is good old Red Book, with the emphasis on the ‘good’.”

“…Among the four CD transport by the Japanese manufacturer CEC, the TL 5 is at the lower end of the price range. In view of the very high playback quality, this solid device offers an outstanding price/performance ratio. Combined with an appropriate DA converter, a digital pre-amplifier and power amplifier, this opens up a highly interesting as well as recommendable entry opportunity in the upper quality regions of CD playback. An addition plus in the TL 5, is the belt-drive principle that is used. As a buyer, you cannot do anything wrong!.”
“In fact, the performance of the new mechanism is so impressive that it has forced a major update in the twin-belt design
— hence the new TL2N. But the best news of all is that the new TL5 comes in considerably cheaper than the TL3N it
replaces – around €1000 less, depending on country. With both Marc Mickelson and Roy Gregory using CEC transports on
a regular basis, you can be sure we’ll be keeping a close eye on these new, more affordable models.”
“My expectations on playing the TL5 left me overwhelmed. This was a CD transport on a grand scale but requiring minimum expenditure.”

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Weight 9 kg
Dimensions 43.5 × 33.5 × 10.9 cm

Black, Silver


Standard TL5, Upgrade TL2N


Standard, Aluminum


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