Why I use an Earthworks measurement microphone

I’ve been involved in sound measurement and analysis since the 1980s and have utilized various brands of measurement microphones throughout my career. However, my preferred choice since 2014 has been the Earthworks brand. The superiority of Earthworks microphones lies in their quality and precision, significantly surpassing other options due to fundamental design differences.

The distinctive feature of Earthworks measurement mics is their employment of a metal diaphragm within the microphone capsule, a stark contrast to the easily damaged polymer diaphragms found in other brands. This metal diaphragm significantly enhances the quality and accuracy of data collection. Unlike polymer diaphragm mics, the calibration curves for metal diaphragm mics remain consistently flat across different units, ensuring higher uniformity and reliability.

While polymer diaphragm mics offer affordability, metal diaphragm mics excel in maintaining consistency over extended periods. Their negligible drift eliminates the need for frequent recalibration. With a calibration standard in place, which I possess, achieving consistent performance and accuracy over days, weeks, months, and even years is easily attainable.

Earthworks stands as the industry leader in measurement microphones. Renowned acoustical engineers within the music business heavily rely on Earthworks measurement microphones to set up stage performances and smaller venues such as recording studios. For further details on Earthworks microphones, I recommend visiting their official website.

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