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Audio Union is operated by Tom Kleinbeck and is based in Springfield, Missouri, USA. Show room viewing, by appointment only. Audio Union began operation in 2014 and moved to Springfield since 2019 and has been under new management since 2019.

My CD journey

My personal journey with CDs started in the late 1990’s with the purchase of a Sony CD player. Even though it was one of the best available at the time, I preferred Vinyl for a reason, it sounded better to my ears. However, it did provide a convenient way to play music when hosting a party of family and friends.

In the early 2000’s I ripped my CDs to a hard disk on my computer. This was handy, but you need a good D/A converter to get good sound quality. There was also the problem of getting an exact copy of the CD on the disk. There were errors in the data stream. This problem still exists today but at lower rate. CD players are sensitive to the same issues as analog turntables; vibrations and electromagnetic interference.

In 2014 I was introduced to CEC transports and D/A converters. Game over, I became the distributor for CEC in US. This to my ears was truly a remarkable line of products. There products actually performed the way the magazine reviewers claimed. My region has now grown in size to encompass all of the Americas and surrounding islands.

I found that I am happy with the quality of the sound from my personal stereo with used CDs and they are inexpensive and plentiful. With a good D/A converter the world of streaming services is available and I take full advantage of it all.

Now the search is for CDs with great recordings and mastering’s.

Here is a link discussing audio CD recording and the pitfalls which can cause data errors in the music data stream on playback. Not all CDs are alike in several ways.

Office audio system

The office system, picture above.
CEC DA5, Audiophile DAC
CEC TL5 and/or TL2N, cd transport
Parasound HCA2200 or Thrax Audio Ares integrated solid state amplifier
Kleinbeck Engineering Ag (Silver) RCA Cables
Kleinbeck Engineering Ag (Silver) XLR Cables
Kleinbeck Engineering Ag (Silver) Speaker Cables
BW 604 speakers
Furutech e-TP80S Power Distributor/AC Power Filter with power switch +GC-303
Furutech GTX-DR Duplex Pure Copper Receptacle w/Rhodium Plating
Qobuz streaming service
Custom PC music server running Media Center software
Stillpoint Aperture Panels
Fabric covered foam sound absorption panels`
Fabric covered fiberglass sound absorption panels

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