Audio Union

Audio Union is operated by Tom Kleinbeck and is based in Springfield, Missouri, USA. Show room viewing, by appointment only.

Audio Union provides direct sales and service for CEC products in the United States and Canada. Specializing in CEC Branded CD transports, CD players, and DAC’s.

Kleinbeck Engineering designs products for the audio / visual market and provides acoustic engineering and testing services. Kleinbeck cabling is distributed through select dealers, contact for more information. With 40+ years of experience in electrical and mechanical noise abatement in the aerospace and military industries. Our conductor knowledge and shielding knowledge is found in the our cable designs. Kleinbeck cables are one of leading low noise cables on the market today. With ultra low noise, high conductivity cables, music takes on a life of its own and has a breath taking musicality.

Kleinbeck Engineering provides Acoustic measurement and shielding design for products and structures. Acoustic measurements are made with a microphone calibrated to either 87db or 115db. A calibrated sound source is used to calibrate the measurement system to insure accuracy and consistency. We have 40+ years of experience in designing products for the aerospace and military industries.

Kleinbeck Engineering provides knowledge, design, production, quality control, and testing experience of: normal and emergency environmental life support systems at all altitudes with gas/liquid filtration with and without coalescence, air cycle HVAC systems, solid state and interstitial gas storage systems, chlorate candles; mobile power generation, emergency power systems, and Uninterrupted Power Systems including energy storage systems including multi-fuel engines/turbines and high energy electromagnetic impulse survival; precious metal processing and refining; composite materials (making composite material and using composite materials); acoustic, electrical, and mechanical noise abatement/isolation; neutron photograph (using low energy neutrons); grounding and shielding systems for ultra low noise requirements; engineering software, data stream collection, data stream analysis and controls of mechanical and electrical systems including gas powered only systems (no electrical power); and tactically quite systems. These are some of my favorites and this past work directly influences the lives of millions of people every day. I would like to thank the many people I have worked with, my teachers, and mentors for helping make these achievements.

Production equipment includes, but not limited to: CAD/CAM/CAE software, cnc mill, cnc diode laser (cutting and engraving), and 3D DFM Printer.

Test equipment includes, but not limited to: USB DSO with programable signal generator, Earthworks M23 instrumentation microphone with calibration sound source, USB audio mixer, IR thermometer and temperature probes.

Furutech products available for purchase, some stock available. Furutech connectors are used on Kleinbeck Cables.

Serviced items are tested in a stereo system before shipping. New products are tested in the office system.

The office system, picture above.
CEC DA5, Audiophile DAC
CEC TL5 and/or TL2N, cd transport
Parasound HCA2200 or Thrax Audio Ares integrated solid state amplifier
Kleinbeck Engineering Type 1, Ag (Silver) RCA Cables
Kleinbeck Engineering Type 1, Ag (Silver) XLR Cables
Kleinbeck Engineering Type 1, Ag (Silver) Speaker Cables
BW 604 speakers
Furutech e-TP80S Power Distributor/AC Power Filter with power switch +GC-303
Furutech GTX-DR Duplex Pure Copper Receptacle w/Rhodium Plating
Qobuz streaming service
Custom PC music server running Media Center software
Stillpoint Aperture Panels
Fabric covered foam absorption panels

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